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Part Number 1141010
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Stepper Motor Controller

Control Shaft No. : single shaft
Dictate characteristic: programmable (various complicated operation can be realized: positioning control and non-positioning control)
Max output frequency:
40KHz (fit for controlling subdivision drive)
Resolving power of output frequency: 1Hz
programmable items: max 99 items
Input point: 6 (photo electricity insulation )
Output point 3 (photo electricity insulation)
-7999999 ? +7999999 ?

Once continuous displacement range: -7999999 ? +7999999
Working status: automatic running state, manual running state, program editing state, parameter setting state
Ascent and descent speed curve: 2 (optimized)
Display function digit: 8 nixie tube display, manual/automatic display, running/stop display, step No./digital value/ program display, edit program, parameter display, input/output display, CP impulse and direction display;
Automatic running function: programmable , start-up and stop of the automatic running can be controlled through the panel keystroke and accumulator added on the terminal;
Manual running function: adjustable position (manual inching speed and step no. can be set)
Parameter setting function: start-up frequency, ascent and descent speed curve, opposite clearance, manual length, manual speed, interruption leaped line no. and zero-return speed can be set.

Program editing function: program can be freely inserted, deleted and modified with the function of leaping line no., zero-judge of data, judge function of too long or too short sentence no.
Zero-return function: automatically return to zero point with double direction
Program dictate: 14
Outer operation function: outer interruption operation can be carried out with the addition of switch on A operation and B operation terminal through parameter setting and programme;
Power supply: AC220V (error of power supply is not more than 15 ? ) 72?72?120 ? mm ?
Overall dimension: 72? 72? 120 ? mm ?

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